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Skip molecular engineering and speed-up to gene expression and regulation analysis: Your miRNA amongst our 1500 precursors expression clones (human, mouse and rat) readied for both lentiviral transduction (for tricky cells) and conventional transfection. Alternately select your target genes amongst the 54000 validation microRNA target 3’ UTR sequences and focus on measuring expression inhibition in your cells. See also our miRNA inhibitor clones.


more than 75.000 antibodies covering a broad range of research and therapeutical targets (Protein Kinases, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Nuclear Receptors, Transcription factors, hormones, etc.) and validated for leading usages including immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western blot and immunoassays.


Engineered nucleases are programmable restriction enzymes custom designed to cut a pre-determined nucleotide sequence. This is the new method of choice to generate locus specific knock-outs or knock-ins in your cells or embryos: genome editing with high rate of success.

shRNA clones collection

Silence the genes using top siRNA technology: our shRNA clone collections utilizes vector based shRNA technology, ready to use in your lab. This consists of multiple sets of expression vector based small hairpin RNAi clones against genome-wide target genes from human,mouse, and other species.

Magnetic beads

Magnetic Separation Beads: Purification of DNA, RNA, viruses, cells etc is much faster with our calibrated super paramagnetic nanobeads. Includes ready-to-use magnetic ChIP kits and beads pre-coated to bind your specific reagent: Silica (nucleic acids), streptavidin, protein A/G and secondary antibodies.


Innovative Norgen Biotek's unique proprietary resin allows high quality sample specific preparation for RNA, DNA and protein
RNA purification: from tissue, FFPE samples, urine, water, fungi or plant; cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA; microRNA

DNA purification: from saliva, milk, urine, blood, water, bacteria, fungi or plant.

Protein purification: desalting, detergent and endotoxin removal, concentration...

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Sequential purification of RNA, microRNA, Protein and DNA from a single sample
Buy 1 kit* and receive a Free Sampler of your choice (HighRanger 1kb DNA Ladder or PCR Sizer 100bp DNA Ladder). Limited stock available.