Exosomes Immunoplates

HBM-Immunoplates are 96 multiwell plates based on sandwich ELISA technique for exosome capture and analysis. We generated different platforms for exosome capture from different media (cell supernatant, human plasma, serum, urine and saliva) or which allow capture and enrichment of specific exosome subpopulations. Our plates are covalently pre-coated with specific exosome-binding antibodies.  Covalent coating allows the correct orientation of antibody which permits to maximize the capture of exosomes through surface antigens and reducing the specific binding of exosomes onto the plate. By using different antibodies  specific for exosomal surface antigens our immunoplates can operate an enrichment of specific exosome subpopulations, as exosome derived from tumoral, neural, glial, sources or from other pathological conditions. Finally plates are blocked and stabilized for long term storage.

HBM-Immunoplates are an useful tool for exosome capture which allows:

- Exosome Quantification via ELISA method (see also Exotest ready to use kit) from human biofluid or cell culture supernatants with possibility to choose from colorimetric, luminometric or fluorimetric detection.

- Nucleid acids extraction from exosomes immunocaptured on the plate.


Main advantages of HBM-IMMUNOPLATES:

Ready to use

Long term storage (2 years at 4°C)

Small sample input - up to 100μL

No pre-purification of exosomes is required

Enrichment of exosome subpopulations

Available plate types (white, black or transparent)

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