Adenoviral particles

Adenoviral particles

Adenovirus products are the ideal tools for expressing or modifying genes for in vitro and in vivo research. Adenovirus is a popular choice for gene delivery applications primarily because of its large packaging capacity, high transgene expression, and ability to infect most cell types; it is also widely used in cardiovascular, liver, muscle, lung, tumor, stem cell and other fields. Once inside the cell, recombinant adenovirus remains episomal and does not integrate into the host genome.



  • High titers.  Titer of recombinant adenovirus particles can be up to 1012 VP/ml.
  • Versatile.  Usable in a broad range of host cell and animals.
  • Large packaging capacity.  The packaging capacity of recombinant adenovirus can be up to 5 kb.
  • High transduction efficiency.  
  • Low toxicity.  Does not integrate into the host genome.
  • Safe.  Recombinant adenovirus is replication-incompetent (El (early protein) and/or E3 deletion mutants).

adeno control egfp

Figure 1. Hela, A549, and Vero cells in 12-well plates were transduced with the indicated amounts of eGFP ultra-purified AdenoFect™ Adenovirus particles (Cat#. AD05-EGFP-EB001, 3.39×1012vp/mL, 1.56 μl/well) at MOI 10. The expression of eGFP was visualized with a fluorescence microscope at 15, 24, and 48 hours post-transduction respectively.

Custom Adenovirus

Custom adenovirus production services are available for human, mouse and rat ORF cDNAs. For custom adenovirus packaging service, please contact us at to get a quote.

Choose from our collection of adenovirus vectors with different promoters and fluorescent markers for your gene expression.

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